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Friday, October 30, 2009

Veerana hosahalli tiger prince

A tiger who has been living with his family, happily married to a princess of northern territory of Nagarahole. He has a bright and active son, all living in and around Veerana hosahalli range. A mighty and about eight feet long, his majesty found himself resting over leaf litter by a ficus tree. His tooth said what had he done that day. Sun closed the twilights and shade after shade explaining the forest floor of the colors from orange, crimson and to blue eventually purple… Birds that flew towards south west in the morning headed back. The jungle fowl endlessly called ‘if everyone are home’, parakeets swapped their trials over my Gypsy. While the roads that led back to the resort were damp and composed with light showers of delayed monsoon. A calm and patient family from Intel corp, Mr. Sastry, were about to ask, where are the tigers in this forest! At their very first, ‘err…’ I asked Mahesh the driver to stop! I turned around to the guests and winked at his silver hair to tell him that it will turn silver even more! They all kept silent and with anticipating eyes that questioned all my senses for what is it now! Indeed, his majesty was resting with his mouth open and breathing puffs of valor and kill. The Tiger sat arm on arm facing towards road, between bushes deep in 50 yards. We looked and he stood as Mr. Sastry’s son mutterd “Oh! Tigerrrrrr..!”. As though he had called him to appear, the Tiger of Veerana hosahalli walked to the open in front of Gypsy and traversed the roadside towards north-east and into a jeep trail leading to Madappan kere. A fifteen minutes of silence covered the dusk at 7 pm, eventually the deers at the lake alarmed of his majesty’s legal pawing towards them. A minute more as darkness meandered, Mr. Sastry affirmed that he was there yet! “Good show Vineith”.

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